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flexible and futures-focused eLearning for teachers and schools to meet professional development needs

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Two things have influenced Louise’s decision to launch enodatio as a rich professional learning resource for teachers and schools:

  • seeing and  experiencing the power of highly effective pedagogical practices in transforming student learning, and

  • through one-to-one coaching, observing the impact and positive difference it makes to teacher pedagogical practice and to teacher esteem


enodatio offers efficient, flexible online solutions for teachers and schools to meet professional development needs in engaging eLearning environments.

enodatio solutions focus on pedagogy – innovative and emerging pedagogies - for the now and for the future.

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enodatio eLearning modules enable teachers to enter online learning spaces where focused professional development can take place. Opportunities for interaction with a facilitator are an inherent part of each module.



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Coaching is one of the most effective professional development strategies that can be considered when we focus on developmental needs and high quality learning experiences for teachers.

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