About Louise

Professional Standards



As Consultant Educator


In conjunction with Australia-wide workshop facilitation and online learning delivery over the past twenty plus years, Louise has walked side by side with hundreds of teachers as they have worked on expanding their pedagogical repertoire and applied their new skills into daily classroom practice. The journeys included coaching the respective teachers in an array of unit planning components linking highly effective pedagogical practices with curriculum emphases, interdisciplinary units of work and embedding the Australian Curriculum.


  • developing deep understandings

  • using an inquiry approach

  • asking big questions

  • developing authentic assessment tasks

  • aligning outcomes – assessment -content

  • designing criteria sheets/rubrics

  • embedding deep thinking strategies

  • creating purposeful tasks

  • incorporating a range of perspectives

  • developing inclusive and respectful practices

  • differentiating content/process/product/environment

  • selecting relevant and engaging resources

  • embedding values

  • addressing cognitive and affective dimensions

As Professional Development Facilitator


In tandem with the trial and rollout of new Religious Education curriculum material, Louise facilitated many workshops across Australia and coached hundreds of teachers in working with changed content and in the use of inquiry as a preferred pedagogical approach. Modelling highly effective practices has always been a strong element of Louise’s approach to facilitating workshops and developing online learning environments for adult learners.

As Learning Designer and Trainer


With background as a Teacher, School Principal, Regional Professional Development Coordinator, National Education Consultant and Trained Labyrinth Facilitator, Louise’s recent work has included:


  • writing training materials and facilitator workshops for teachers and leaders

  • delivering training workshops for leaders

  • developing online resources for teachers

  • facilitating online learning for teachers

  • writing resources with a values focus for teachers and schools

  • writing professional development materials for RE leaders in schools

  • writing pedagogical workshop components for theological material

  • researching and writing RE curriculum training workshops with pedagogy and theology focus

  • designing and developing online learning with pedagogical focus for teachers

  • designing and developing 5 pathways specifically focused on learning with labyrinths