About the modules

Orientation screenshot
engaging with the topic
quest 2 focus question
considering emotion
digging deeper
research: why innovate
is there more
analysing illustrations of practice
where am i going

“What does an eLearning module look like? How does an eLearning module work?” we hear you ask.

Scroll through the sequence of print-screen images above, drawn from a range of our eLearning modules, and experience a simulation of the kinds of sequences from a “typical” module.


enodatio eLearning modules enable teachers to enter online learning spaces where focused professional development can take place. Opportunities for interaction with a facilitator are an inherent part of each module.  Pedagogically speaking, all modules:


  • are places of focused professional learning

  • model best pedagogical practice

  • use an inquiry approach

  • are constructivist, building on teachers’ incoming understandings and experiences

  • differentiate content, process, product

  • are grounded in teachers’ learning and teaching programs, and include application to classroom practice

  • include feedback and interaction with a facilitator throughout the online experience

  • engage teachers in rigour and creativity, utilising high order thinking skills

  • encourage reflection on their learning, and themselves as learners

  • are totally flexible: what, where, when, how

  • require approximately 6 hours of engagement; some have one hour of follow up coaching in addition to that

  • align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

  • qualify as professional development for teacher registration purposes

While the modules are designed and developed for individual use, they can readily be adapted for group use in which case peer collaboration takes high priority. To discuss the use of these modules within a group or school context, please contact me

Enodatio eLearning modules are for single-person use unless specified otherwise, or mutually agreed upon by the parties concerned.

Access to your chosen module(s) is for fourteen weeks from activation, or by negotiation.

Please refer our Terms & Conditions for detailed information about purchasing and access to the modules.

enodatio focused professional development


online modules are designed to allow you to enter into and engage with personally chosen aspects of pedagogy

Focused & self-pacing

online modules are focused and self-pacing, allowing you time to internalise and proceed according to your needs



online  modules are supportive and interactive, packaged with coaching options to assist you with the application and embedding of new learning into your teaching practice