Learning with Labyrinths

In Learning with Labyrinths you will find 

  • some general resources to explore the what and the how

  • the Labyrinth Pathways embedded within the six labyrinth icons, these will lead you to many more resources for school, staff, personal and student use. 


More will be added as we develop them. It would be super nice to see your developments shared on our Facebook page. Set out in confidence, one step at a time! You are on the path!

Since their “re-discovery”, labyrinths are finding their way into applications across a wide range of areas including education and health sectors. As a pedagogical tool they facilitate learning through movement and offer a kinaesthetic approach to learner experiences. As a mindful tool they offer reflective, calming and quieting time, and so can benefit mood, anxiety, concentration and even creativity. 

Whether portable, temporary, virtual or permanent, a labyrinth is a walking path that can become a lifelong companion for learning, health and wellbeing; and a futures tool for finding places of stillness and centred-ness in an increasingly complex world. Dramatic social and technological change requires a counterbalance, and as futurist Sohail Inayatullah writes in the Journal of Future Studies, finding quiet time and associated practices is a critical ‘super skill’.

The benefits of labyrinth walking can only be fully understood and felt through the experience. And so if you are new to this amazing tool, walk one now [flash player needed]. If you are not new to the experience, enjoy it anyway before you read on.

While designs vary from place to place, labyrinths have been a part of many cultures for thousands of years and can be found on all Continents of our planet. Their function and use in those times has not been clearly established, but in more recent times the labyrinth is blossoming into a tool that has wide application as you will see when you explore our resources.


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