A pedagogy focus

The scope and importance of pedagogy cannot be under-estimated. How we utilise everything at our disposal when designing and delivering programs/ units of inquiry/ short bites/explicit teaching to maximise student learning sits at the heart of strategic and effective classroom and school-wide practice.  Consider, for a moment, everything you juggle on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis: assessing the needs of your students, cultivating your classroom culture, planning strategies, managing resources, solving problems, orchestrating your entire planning/teaching/learning programs, and by no means least – planning for your own professional growth and development!

Transformational teachers cultivate a curiosity that leads to scholarly work, indeed to lifelong patterns of learning. They also are relentless in finding a variety of ways for their students to learn, not being satisfied until their pedagogy connects with students.



Retrieved from Rosebrough & Leverett,Transformational Teaching in the Information Age, ch 4.

It is these very factors that influence the framework for enodatio's downloadable resources and professional development eLearning modules. Currently we have 5 "Learning with Labyrinths" pathways and more than 30 stand-alone, pedagogically-focused  Modules, or “Learning Spaces” as we like to call them, designed and written to exacting criteria, modelling best practice, and addressing future-related issues. Pedagogical coaching is an inherent part of some Module Learning Spaces, and is offered as a supplementary option with others. It can also be arranged for in its own right according to individual needs.

Each online Learning Space, the equivalent of approximately 6 hours of contact time, is aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Certification for Professional Learning Plans purposes, registration and/or standards requirements, is provided on completion. Learning Spaces can be engaged with individually, in small groups, or large groups. Visit About the Modules to see Learning Space sequence samples.