Ethical Thinking
  • Ethical Thinking

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      If we aspire to enabling our students to fulfil their potential as human beings, to live accountable lives and be willing to stand up for what is true and just,… then we need to provide them with skills to be able to think about and evaluate consequences of particular actions and behaviours, and we need to enable them to learn and apply critical thinking skills to local and global issues. Reflecting on and distinguishing between good and evil, right and wrong in relation to what an individual believes, feels, thinks and does sits at the heart of ethical thinking and engaging in ethics. In fact most of what we engage with on a daily basis involves ethical decision making of one kind or another. And not infrequently we make decisions without fully thinking through the impact or ramifications. In this Learning Space we look at models for exploring ethical issues, identify standards for thinking, work through a process for ethical decision making, and identify approaches that support rigorous thinking skills.

      Alignment with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
      1.1, 3.3, 6.2, 6.4

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