Our Services

enodatio solutions support the creation of a strong school culture for high quality teacher performance and development.
For teacher professional development, choose from our downloadable resources or 31 stand-alone eLearning Modules, or Learning Spaces as we like to call them. They are  designed and written to exacting criteria, model best practice, and address future-related pedagogical issues and trends. Modules are continually being developed and added to the collection. Drop us a line if there is something you would like to see included, or developed, for your specific context. 


For high impact transference and embedding of professional learning into teacher practice, Pedagogical Coaching is offered

  • as a one-to-one or one-to-teaching team focused activity ‘In the cloud

  • as an inherent adjunct to some eLearning modules in our range


Coaching ‘In the cloud’ utilises conferencing tools such as Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts

Our Philosophy


enodatio has the needs of adult learners at heart. We understand the challenges of finding what you need when you need it, we understand the logistics of leaving your classes for a day or more, we understand the issue of distance, and we understand that time often comes in short grabs.


For these reasons it makes complete sense to access your professional development online. enodatio has a collection of freely downloadable resources, or, you can sign up and  login to modules and logout again as often as you need. enodatio modules are developed around the principles of small private online courses (SPOCs), so you can count on:


  • relevance to your daily professional activity

  • active participation in the learning process

  • consideration of and respect for your knowledge and experience

  • continuous feedback as you progress

  • an engaging eLearning environment

  • immediate benefits for your skill and knowledge base

  • clean, appealing format that avoids the use of large chunks of text accessibility on mobile devices

  • inclusion of practical application

  • aesthetically pleasing design elements