Why keep learning?

Unless we are living in a time warp, living comes with learning and learning comes with living. We are continually in states of learning, un-learning and re-learning. As educators we are growing and developing professionals - reflecting on our teaching practices, refining the way we do things, and searching for answers to questions we pose on a daily basis. 

When it comes to professional learning we can source our needs in a whole range of ways from formal study, to networking, blogging, shadowing, action research, webinars and podcasts, workshops and conferences, to MOOCs and SPOCs. The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, connected to, and derived from working with students and understanding their culture.

enodatio is developed around the principles of small private online courses (SPOCs) which means that you can count on:


  • relevance to your daily professional activity

  • active participation in the learning process

  • consideration of and respect for your knowledge and experience

  • continuous feedback as you progress

  • an engaging eLearning environment

  • immediate benefits for your skill and knowledge base

  • clean, appealing format that avoids the use of large chunks of text

  • accessibility on mobile devices

  • inclusion of practical application

  • aesthetically pleasing design elements

"If we want students to learn, the most critical element is the teacher. So professional development is the overall most important thing we can do to help students learn."



"Retrieved from Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters

"Teacher quality is the single most important in-school factor influencing student achievement. Effective teachers can be a source of inspiration and, equally importantly, provide a dependable and consistent influence on young people as they make choices about further education, work and life."

Retrieved from AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers , p1.

The best educators are the best learners!
Great teachers lead to great students!